Real estate transactions Oct. 24 | Bradenton Herald

$1,550,000 Silvestri Michael, Silvestri Michelle to Constantine William, Lumpkin Nancy, Lot 27 Hawks Harbor, Oct. 8.

$1,530,000 Hang Ten Ami LLC to Bokor Andrew R, Moss Lisa A, Lot 7 Blk E Gulf View, Oct. 6.

$1,500,000 Forest West Apartments LLC to Petry Maxwell Development LLC, Pt 10-35-17, Oct. 10.

$1,476,385 SD CCE LLC to Campbell Sandra T, Sandra T Campbell Revocable Trust, Lot 11 Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch, Oct. 11.

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$1,400,000 Dickinson Joseph E, Dickinson Mary Margaret Senger Trust, Joseph E Dickinson Trust, Mary Margaret Senger Dickinson Trust, Senger Dickinson Mary M to Mcclenahan Carol T, Mcclenahan David L, Lot 7 North Point Harbour, Oct. 11.

$1,350,000 Hall Hunter A, Hall Lee H, Hall Lee Hartley, Mayotte Holly Hall, Mayotte William F, Roberts Dorinda Hall to Valadie Alan L, Valadie Sherri M, Pt 19-34-17, Oct. 10.

$1,250,000 Gertrude Wagner Revocable Trust, Wagner Gertrude, Wagner Lawrence M to Benfer David W, Benfer Mary S, Lot 33 Lakewood Ranch Country Club Village, Oct. 11.

$1,200,000 Numar Corporation to Terrazza Romana LLC, Lot 10 Blk 23 Ilexhurst, Oct. 11.

$1,100,000 Dekock Douglas, Dekock Sandra N Trust, Sandra N Dekock Trust to Wentworth Property Group Inc, Lot 4 Key Royale, Oct. 5.

$1,020,000 Moreland Marine Development Corporation of Holmes Beach to Debra D Hall Revocable Trust, Hall Debra D, Villas of Holmes Beach Unit 8, Oct. 11.

$1,015,000 Jr Lemon Family Trust, Lemon J Robert, Lemon Jr Family Trust, Lemon Judith E to Grand Mariner On Dream Island LLC, Grand Mariner On Longboat Key Unit 23B, Oct. 6.

$926,075 Taylor Morrison of Florida Inc to Najjar Elsie T, Najjar Leonard J, Lot 487 Esplanade, Oct. 11.

$925,000 Island Holdings of Manatee LLC to 206 69Th Street LLC, Hemingways Unit A, Oct. 8.

$925,000 Island Holdings of Manatee LLC to Ami Prime Vacation Homes LLC, Hemingways Unit B, Oct. 8.

$680,000 Bruce K Flint 1991 Trust, Flint Bruce K to Reiss Carole F, Reiss Clemens A III, Lot 16 Eaton, Oct. 5.

$675,000 Stroburg Sharon K to Hamilton Karen Ogilby, Ogilby John J, Martinique Condominium Apartments South Unit 501, Oct. 8.

$645,000 Wicklund David W, WicklunDRuby A to Flinn William, Lentz Michele, Lot 10 Blk P Corrected Plat Holmes Beach, Oct. 11.

$636,084 Stirling Equity Group LLC to Murphy John Anthony, Murphy Katherine Phyllis, Lot 45 Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch, Oct. 6.

$635,000 Palms of Holmes Beach LLC to Robbins Linda, Robbins Mark S, Palms of Holmes Beach Unit B, Oct. 8.

$615,000 Rodimel Trent W, Rodimel Tyana, Walker Tyana M to Pleinis Gregory S, Pleinis Teresa A, Lot 102 Preserve at Panther Ridge, Oct. 10.

$600,000 Smith Janet L to CKH Investments LLC, Lot 19 Blk Q Holmes Beach, Oct. 11.

$566,494 Lennar Homes LLC to Gerger Michelle H, Gerger Richard J Jr, Lot 220 Bridgewater, Oct. 10.

$550,000 Lennar Homes LLC to Lula Paul E, Lula Susan A, Lot 4309 Enclave at Heritage Harbour, Oct. 10.

$549,500 Derwent Investment to Huibers Jennifer, Huibers Ronald C, Lot 18 Homes Beach, Oct. 5.

$545,000 Bertz Edward J, Trust Agreement Number 8426 For Edward J Bertz to Jewell Joanne, Leblond Michael H, Lot 62 Lakewood Ranch Country Club Village, Oct. 5.

$545,000 Bonnie L Simpson Revocable Trust, Simpson Bonnie L to Agnelli Frank G, Lot 19 Blk 1 Anna Maria Beach, Oct. 10.

$539,810 Minto Bradenton LLC to Logan Constance Maria, Logan Denis Anthony Charles, Marina Walk on Harbour Isle, Oct. 6.

$530,000 Kingan Deborah, Kingan Richard H to Devine Jeffrey S, Devine Lori A, Pomello Park, Oct. 11.

$515,000 Brown William C to Holliday Georgia E, Lot 94 Wisteria Park, Oct. 6.

$514,859 Taylor Morrison of Florida Inc to Keshishian Elsa K, Lot 320 Esplanade, Oct. 8.

$512,959 Taylor Morrison of Florida Inc to Daniel Glenn E, Daniel Tracey L, Lot 430 Esplanade, Oct. 11.

$507,500 Sinton Christopher A, Tillinghast Jean M to Dekany Pamela G, Dekany Richard L, Lot 14 Blk 1 Waterlefe Golf anDRiver Club, Oct. 8.

$500,000 Rose Gail, Rudek Mark to Pearson Auto Transport Inc, Palmetto Grove and Garden Co, Oct. 5.

$499,220 WCI Communities LLC to Mccabe David J, Mccabe Family Trust, Mccabe Virginia M, Lot 18 Blk L Tidewater Preserve, Oct. 11.

$496,100 Estates at Twin Rivers LLC to Judith R Zeiler Revocable Trust No 2, Zeiler Judith R, Lot 4141 Twin Rivers, Oct. 5.

$494,499 Lennar Homes LLC to Reuschel Barbara T, Reuschel Ricky E, Lot 261 Bridgewater, Oct. 11.

$487,500 Holliday Georgia Edwards to Formoso Donna, Mangrove Walk On Harbour Isle Unit 259 C, Oct. 6.

$487,309 Taylor Morrison of Florida Inc to Freeman Gurn H, Freeman Kathleen, Lot 685 Esplanade, Oct. 11.

$481,400 Marra Carol P, Marra Frank A to Rudis James, Rudis Karellyn, Lot 87 Stoneybrook at Heritage Harbour, Oct. 6.

$470,000 Devine Jeffrey S, Devine Lori Ann to Darras Sandra Loyal, Loyal Nicholas, Pomello Park, Oct. 6.

$465,000 Herzing Paul H Revocable Trust, Lafortune Herzing Carol, Paul H Herzing Revocable Trust to Olivo Adrian, Olivo Stephanie, Lot 3 Lakewood Ranch Country Club Village, Oct. 11.

$459,900 Robinson Craig Scott, Robinson Judith Denk to Wesner Daniel E, Wesner Elizabeth A, Lot 27 Greyhawk Landing, Oct. 6.

$459,000 Meyer Ana Cristina, Meyer Anthony J to Goldey Carolyn R, Goldey James W, Lot 70 Blk B River Wilderness, Oct. 8.

$455,000 Cronan Bonnie W, Cronan James A to Atkinson Andrea, Atkinson Christopher, Bradenton Beach Club Unit 35, Oct. 8.

$446,938 Pulte Home Corporation to Stadalman Barbara H, Stadalman Ralph C, Lot 156 Del Webb, Oct. 8.

$440,000 Hawkins Leona Family Trust, Leona Hawkins Family Trust, Sanders Diane, Sanders Spencer to Dentici Salvatore, Oakrun, Oct. 8.

$433,000 Sacco Vanessa to Johnson Debra F, Johnson Mark L, Lot 5 Mariner Estates, Oct. 5.

$429,210 Taylor Woodrow Communities at Artisan Lakes L L C to Stagner Pene T, Stagner Richard T, Lot 86 Artisan Lakes Esplanade, Oct. 8.

$425,000 Summers Steele Frances to Witcomb Alexander, Witcomb Zoe, Lot 7 Knollwood, Oct. 10.

$418,000 DR Horton Inc to Coutinho Fleena, Gracias Milagre Januario, Lot 52 Legends Bay, Oct. 8.

$416,000 Lennar Homes LLC to Jones Deryl Steven, Jones Mary Jo, Lot 41 Savanna at Lakewood Ranch, Oct. 11.

$415,530 WCI Communities LLC to Howard S Levy and Elizabeth W Revocable Living Trust, Levy Elizabeth W, Levy Howard S, Lot 231 Rosedale Addition, Oct. 8.

$415,000 Mccauley Lisa D, Mccauley Mark B to Boblooch Darlene C, Boblooch Ronald A, Lot 90 Greyhawk Landing, Oct. 10.

$412,700 Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association to Airi Property Group Number 2 LLC, Lot 1059 River Club South, Oct. 10.

$410,000 Peace River Presbytery Inc to Peridia Terrace Partners LLC, 5150 Peridia Boulevard Unit B, Oct. 5.

$405,000 Troy Iris, Troy Williain to Lyons Amelia T, Lyons Scott J, Lot 11 Blk D 1 Summerfield Village, Oct. 8.

$400,000 Sullivan Geraldine to Harkness John R, Longboat Harbour Unit 103, Oct. 8.

$399,000 Lennar Homes LLC to Stines Angela Lorene, Stines Randy Scott, Lot 39 Savanna at Lakewood Ranch, Oct. 11.

$391,000 Jackson Ernest N, Jackson Nancy M to Mcnamara Martin A, Mcnamara Mary K, Lot 3 Sanctuary, Oct. 10.

$390,000 Watson Anthony, Watson Cassie to Brown Susan C, Lakewood Ranch Country Club Village, Oct. 8.

$382,000 Coffman Carolyn C, Coffman John T to Hoffman Joanne E, Hoffman Ronald M, Lot 20 Central Park, Oct. 8.

$382,000 DR Horton Inc to Gao Yong, Tong Changying, Lot 43 Soleil West, Oct. 5.

$377,595 DR Horton Inc to Odneal Natalie, Lot 304 Del Tierra, Oct. 8.

$377,200 Meritage Homes of Florida Inc to Lascaibar Albert A, Lot 18 Raven Crest, Oct. 5.

$376,560 Pulte Home Corporation to Catone James A, Catone Lynn M, Lot 107 Del Webb, Oct. 5.

$376,101 Mattamy Sarasota LLC, Mattamy Tampa Sarasota LLC to Jones Caleb, Jones Elizabeth, Lot 320 Harmony at Lakewood Ranch, Oct. 6.

$364,900 J and K Investments LLC to Rennhack Linda L, Rennhack Steven A, Lot 15 Blk D Pine Meadow, Oct. 11.

$352,848 Mattamy Tampa Sarasota LLC to Guzman Thomas M, Mack James S Jr, Lot 317 Harmony at Lakewood Ranch, Oct. 6.

$351,800 Gandel Stephen David, Paulette Jeanne Gandel to Kinal Albert, Kinal Susan M, Lot 334 Heritage Harbour, Oct. 8.

$350,000 Jobe LLC to Templo La Hermosa Reino Y Justica Inc, Gazebo Square Commercial Unit 4444, Oct. 11.

$350,000 Rizzo Janet, Rizzo Wm Barry to Ohmit Teresa, Lot 57 Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch, Oct. 5.

$347,000 Quattrociocchi Aimee A to 5716 Timber Lake LLC, Lot 6 Palm Aire at Sarasota, Oct. 11.

$340,000 Barnick Patricia, Parini Joseph to Henne Denise M, Henne Paul W, Lot 325 Heritage Harbour, Oct. 11.

$340,000 Boblooch Darlene C, Boblooch Ronald to Greene Deanna K, Jagodzinski Jeffrey R, Lot 15 Greyhawk Landing, Oct. 8.

$340,000 OK Willow Walk LLC to Maronda Homes Inc of Florida, Willow Walk, Oct. 8.

$336,000 Gunning Elaine C, Gunning John T to Baldwin Monica L, Wormley James R, Lot 156 Palm Aire at Sarasota, Oct. 8.

$335,000 Berati 2 LLC to Gs Deerfield LLC, Lot 1 Creekwood East Corporate Park, Oct. 5.

$325,000 Lynch Brian G D, Lynch Jane to Thompson Judy A, Thompson Michael G, Lot 33 Lakewood Ranch Country Club Village, Oct. 11.

$325,000 Lyons Amelia, Lyons Robert J, Lyons Scott to Freel Laura O, Williamson Scott D, Lot 56 Riverwalk Village Cypress Banks, Oct. 6.

$325,000 Radcliffe Joanne M to Beverly Ryan T, Stewart Kelly, Lot 3 Blk 2 Braden Woods, Oct. 5.

$320,000 Meyer Pierre, Meyer Sharon to Grant Vesey, Lot 2 Charleston Pointe, Oct. 8.

$319,250 Tompkins Kristine A, Tompkins Robert B to Omeluk Raymond, Lot 33 Sugar Mill Lakes, Oct. 11.

$315,000 Desio Maria J, Geoffrey P Desio Living Trust to Glasgow Cody L, Glasgow Harris L, Lot 5 Blk 2 Gulf and Bay Estates, Oct. 8.

$315,000 Gibson Rex to Arnold Jayson, Arnold Monique, Lot 38 Water Oak, Oct. 11.

$314,330 MI Homes of Tampa LLC to Brickhouse Jamie Victor, Brickhouse Stanley Ray, Lot 62 Brookside Estates, Oct. 11.

$312,250 Pura Vida LLC to Erdelyi Marianne, Valentino Anthony D, Golf Pointe at Palm Aire Country Club Unit V 197, Oct. 6.

$311,455 Palma Sola Bay Development Inc to Cassidy Patrick, Perrier Ginette, Palma Sola Bay Club Unit 1703, Oct. 8.

$305,135 Neal Communities of Southwest Florida LLC to Tracy Donna M, Tracy John R, Lot 85 Ridge at Crossing Creek, Oct. 6.

$304,710 Pulte Home Corporation to Mcmurren Jay, Seetha Urmilla, Lot 45 Del Webb, Oct. 5.

$304,000 Lennar Homes LLC to Iacobelli John L, John L Iacobelli Revocable Trust, Lot 432 Heritage Harbour, Oct. 10.

$303,298 Lennar Homes LLC to Henry George Frances, Henry Julia, Lot 426 Heritage Harbour, Oct. 10.

$303,140 DR Horton Inc to Notta Andrea L, Notta Stephen A, Lot 518 Del Tierra, Oct. 5.

$302,305 WCI Communities LLC to Stubler Family Revocable Living Trust, Stubler James W, Stubler Susan J, Riverside at Tidewater Preserve Unit A, Oct. 5.

$301,389 Neal Communities of Southwest Florida LLC to Bennett Christopher A, Bennett Linda J, Lot 87 Villa Amalfi, Oct. 6.

$300,000 Sachs William, Santilli Margaret, Santilli Peter to Thai Tram, Vu Luann, Lot 4 Blk 4 Barrington Ridge, Oct. 8.

$299,000 Harris Victor, Miranda Michelle L to Green Alisha M, Green Marcus L, Lot 31 Parkwood Lakes, Oct. 11.

$297,371 Neal Communities of Southwest Florida LLC to Torrick Carol I, Torrick Robert J, Lot 95 Ridge at Crossing Creek, Oct. 6.

$295,000 Hayes Donna Gailey to Litteral Pamela M, Litteral Robert D, Lot 2 Blk B River Landings Bluffs, Oct. 8.

$295,000 Van Horne Vivian Ashford to Rodriguez Lisbeth U Oscuvilca, Van Horne William Joseph Jr, Lot 11 Blk R Holmes Beach, Oct. 8.

$290,710 MI Homes of Tampa LLC to Tickner Robert Lee, Tickner Robin Allayne, Lot 14 Brookside Estates, Oct. 11.

$285,000 Casper DonalDRevocable Trust, Casper Joyce A, Donald Casper and Joyce A Casper Revocable Trust to Cynthia Zanne Revocable Trust, Zanne Cynthia Felice, Lot 7 Oakbrooke II at River Club North, Oct. 5.

$284,990 DR Horton Inc to Waller Gary, Lot 354 Del Tierra, Oct. 5.

$283,000 Miller Katrina R, Miller Naomi F, Wright Katrina R to Palmer Danny K, Palmer Debra D, Lot 22 Blk C Heritage Bay, Oct. 5.

$282,000 Nguyen Peter H, Tran Theresa T Anh to Gamble Creek Land Trust 3, Gamble Creek Ranch Holdings 3 LLC, Pt 4-34-19, Oct. 6.

$277,906 PGCI IV LLC to Grover Nancy M, Maher Maureen P, Lot 214 Silverleaf, Oct. 11.

$277,309 Taylor Morrison of Florida Inc to Libas Robert J, Saril Roberta, Saracina II at Esplanade Lakewood Ranch Unit 101, Oct. 8.

$275,000 Hall James W, Hall Sheila A, James W Hall and Sheila A Hall Living Trust to Archibald Charles, Archibald Julie, Lot 1033 Winding River, Oct. 8.

$275,000 Lasse Arra J, Lasse Thomas V to Chandler Sharon L, Nielsen James D, Imperial House of Bradenton Beach Unit 29, Oct. 11.

$275,000 Owens Jonna L to Cera Joseph A, Lot 240 Central Park, Oct. 5.

$275,000 RIF Properties LLC to Brolli Arianna, Cedars East Unit 17, Oct. 8.

$273,450 Lennar Homes LLC to Monville Carol Lynn, Lot 428 Heritage Harbour, Oct. 6.

$273,000 Lennar Homes LLC to Rayan Jody L, Rayan Mohammed F, Lot 420 Heritage Harbour, Oct. 11.

$270,000 Hayward Anthony S, Hayward Dolina M, Malenfant Carolann, Malenfant James to Hayward Christopher, Hayward Debra, Sandy Pointe Unit 210, Oct. 8.

$269,900 Geschke Nedervelt Barbara A, Nedervelt Brian J to Evans Patricia L, Skouzes Fotios, Lot 25 Tara, Oct. 8.

$269,000 Zampa Jayne to Mackinlay Lauren, Mackinlay Raymond E, Pt 33-34-22, Oct. 6.

$265,000 Alexander Realty Trust, Vasapoli Paul M to Huynh Hanh Kieu, Lot 2 Summerfield Village Cypress Banks, Oct. 5.

$263,966 Compass PH LLC to Colavecchi David, Colavecchi Jeanine, Lot 201 Forest Creek, Oct. 8.

$263,000 Aust Bobbie S, Aust Richard E Sr to Marchitello Dino J, Marchitello Kerrie J, Lot 51 Peridia, Oct. 5.

$258,235 Hyvonen Jodi R, Hyvonen Jodie R, Hyvonen John P to Bennett Donna, Lot 131 Covered Bridge Estates, Oct. 8.

$257,500 Blanton Jamie S to Crouch Caitlynn Amary, Lot 5 Shoreland, Oct. 8.

$255,000 Gibbs Dan R Sr, Gibbs Teresa J to Commendatore Louis A Jr, Commendatore Tracie E, Lot 20 Candlewood, Oct. 8.

$255,000 Goldey Carolyn R, Goldey James W to Garcia Debra S, Garcia Edwin, Lot 40 Fairways at Imperial Lakewoods, Oct. 8.

$255,000 Hunter Ellen G, Hunter Raymond T to Sarasono LLC, Lot 131 Sonoma, Oct. 8.

$255,000 Mcgowan Janene, Mcgowan William G to Garcia Nidia, Rodriguez Torres Randall R, Lot 60 Gates Creek, Oct. 8.

$255,000 Mckown Donna L, Mckown William G to Crimi John C, Crimi Tracey, Laguna Riviera Dunes IV Unit 502, Oct. 8.

$250,000 Smith Christine M, Smith Dana S to Devooght Maria, Devooght Shane D, Blk 5 Golden Third Addition to Town of Verna, Oct. 10.

$247,500 Skorupa Mary to Peternell Bonnie R, Peternell James A, Lot 48 Creekwood, Oct. 8.

$246,500 Phelps Allan, Phelps Valerie M to Bastic Edward George Jr, Bastic Family Trust, Palm Lakes Unit 54, Oct. 8.

$245,990 DR Horton Inc to Dublin Catherine Estelle, Dublin Walter Adam, Lot 215 Willow Walk, Oct. 8.

$245,000 Bavaro Sarah Patricia to Acevedo Pablo A, Vaishnav Rinita H, Lot 30 Greenbrook Village, Oct. 5.

$245,000 DR Horton Inc to Chojecka Helena, Soleil Unit 101, Oct. 5.

$244,497 Mohler Timothy Patrick to Blanton Jacob Gerald, Blk 10 Pinehurst, Oct. 5.

$244,000 Sullivan Adeline L, Sullivan William F Jr to Rubendall Joan H, Rubendall Robert G, River Dance Unit 101, Oct. 11.

$243,000 Shiplett Mary Jane, Shiplett Richard W to Kemper Geoffrey, Kemper Heather, Blk 35 Century Estates, Oct. 6.

$242,000 Haney James D, Haney Joyce M to Perhealth Ken, Perhealth Tabatha, Lot 88 Covered Bridge Estates, Oct. 5.

$239,900 Copeman Craig A, Copeman Nancy S to Theiss Bonnie, Theiss John, Lot 66 Village West, Oct. 11.

$239,550 Adams Homes of Northwest Florida Inc to Rastovski Laurie, Rastovski Robert, Lot 9 Woods of Moccasin Wallow, Oct. 11.

$238,700 Taylor Woodrow Communities at Artisan Lakes LLC to Faria Jason, Lot 185 Artisan Lakes Esplanade, Oct. 6.

$237,000 Ritzenthaler Anna, Ritzenthaler Robert to Holdzkom Linda J, Lot 34 Briarwood, Oct. 11.

$235,000 DR Horton Inc to Burgett Germaine, Lot 328 Del Tierra, Oct. 8.

$234,891 PGCI IV LLC to Batters Robin M, Lot 40 Silverleaf, Oct. 11.

$234,000 Doria Eniete Lamanna, Doria Gustavo Andre Rodrigues to Whitworth Roslyn Jordan, Lot 2 Arbor Creek, Oct. 5.

$231,700 Gabler Gary F, Gabler Linda A to Everett Jamie L, Helensmith Vvilliam J, Lot 30 Regency Oaks, Oct. 10.

$230,000 Chofey Sharon R, Jennifer L Miller Trust, Miller Jennifer L to Turner Donald W, Turner Teresa D, Lot 6 Raintree Inlet, Oct. 11.

$230,000 Mcdonald Johnnie E Jr, Mcdonald Marlene W to Hilliard Megan Ashley, Hilliard Michael Allen, Lot 31 Gates Creek, Oct. 5.

$228,000 DR Horton Inc to Brown Lise Dawn, Lot 8 Park Place, Oct. 8.

$228,000 Red Brick Developments Inc to Shelby Alysha Noel, Shelby Jeremy Tyrone, Lot 9 Blk D Kingsfield, Oct. 8.

$228,000 Roberts Deborah Sue, Roberts John D to Mark A Weibel Revocable Trust, Weibel Marci A, Weibel Mark A, Lot 31 Blk G Country Oaks, Oct. 5.

$227,320 UStates Dept. of Housing and Urban Development to Pawelkoski Andrea Kristin, Lot 39 Silverlake, Oct. 10.

$227,000 Prieto Alfredo Jr, Prieto Michelle Dawn to Echenique Aurelio A, Lopez Ramos Maria, Lot 28 River Point of Manatee, Oct. 8.

$225,500 Parsley Brian A, Parsley Karrie M to Walsh Diane Miller, Walsh James Richard III, Lot 111 Crystal Lakes, Oct. 8.

$225,000 Chambers Lucci Tracy A, Chambers Tracy A, Lucci Christopher Michael to Williams Chad, Williams Giselle, Lot 62 Cordova Lakes, Oct. 5.

$225,000 Freo Florida LLC to Tompkins Michael, Lot 22 Kingsfield Lakes, Oct. 10.

$224,900 KTED1 LLC to Gamrot Mary Ann, Gamrot Ron, Lot 57 Riverbay Townhomes, Oct. 8.

$223,990 DR Horton Inc to Larue Rebecca A, Ogden Stephen M, Lot 6 Park Place, Oct. 8.

$222,000 Powers Kayle S to Mcparland Beren P, Lot 65 Parkside, Oct. 11.

$219,000 Jones Lorraine B to Laing Earl, Laing Patricia A, Laing Philip K, Lot 13 Blk 8 Village Green of Bradenton, Oct. 8.

$217,500 Barnard Andrew, Barnard Luz M, Barnard Michael R, Michael R BarnarDRevocable Trust to Kakkad Ami H, Kakkad Hiren S, Lot 207 Copperstone, Oct. 11.

$216,998 Lennar Homes LLC to Anastasakis Gabriella S, Anastasakis Vasilios C, Lot 21 Townhomes at Regatta Landing, Oct. 11.

$216,000 Emond Sylvie, Montigny Serge to Mcintyre Mary C, Mcintyre Ralph M, Veranda I at River Strand Unit 1123, Oct. 8.

$215,000 Haynes Scott R, Haynes Stephanie D to Landauer Atsuko, Palm Grove Unit 10 202, Oct. 5.

$215,000 Lennar Homes LLC to Krause Greg W, Lot 22 Townhomes at Regatta Landing, Oct. 11.

$210,000 Page James to Coral Green Homes LLC, Lot 574 Braden Woods, Oct. 11.

$210,000 Skowron Maddalena, Skowron Peter to Absten Megan Special Needs Trust, Megan Absten Special Needs Trust, Rbc Trust Company, Vizcaya Unit 508, Oct. 8.

$209,000 Kalyadin Dmitry to Ferrari William K, Lot 213 Copperstone, Oct. 6.

$206,000 Westfall Larry, Westfall Valerie R to HP Florida I LLC, Blk B Highland Park, Oct. 10.

$205,900 Adelson Ronald, Ronald Adelson Revocable Living Trust to Jermyn Gary L, Jermyn Regina L, Valencia Garden Unit 233, Oct. 10.

$205,000 Middleton Barbara A, Middleton James G to Freo Florida LLC, Lot 63 Covered Bridge Estates, Oct. 5.

$205,000 Tipton John A, Tipton Melinda S to Curl Adam B, Curl Amanda, 0, Oct. 11.

$203,000 Castellano Dzembo Samantha E, Dzembo Nicholas S to Turner Mark A, Turner Renee E, Lot 138 Sugar Mill Lakes, Oct. 5.

$203,000 Helgeson Constance, Shoemaker Constance L, Shoemaker Marion L to Barbara A Chesney Declaration of Trust, Chesney Barbara A, Lot 57 Sheffield Glenn, Oct. 8.

$203,000 Lackens David M, Lackens Patricia K to Bonneau Dennis J, Bonneau Melanie A, Garden Lakes Villas Unit 93, Oct. 5.

$200,000 Harry Bridget Dawn, Harry Matthew Lee to Lovegrove Ross R, Saltos Marcolfa E Velez, Lot 69 Al and Ale, Oct. 11.

$200,000 Rihm Marcia, Rihm Philip to Kosch Victor G Jr, Smith Carol A, Lot 219 River Isles, Oct. 8.

$197,000 Diroff Alys M, Diroff Joseph M to Brunzell James L II, Triplett Alex, Lot 4 Blk 12 Whitfield Country Club Estates, Oct. 5.

$192,000 Collins Hobart C, Collins Mary Rohner, Hobart C Collins Revocable Living Trust, Mary Rohner Collins Revocable Living Trust to Judith M Roberts Living Trust, Roberts Judith M, Fiddlers Bend Unit 22, Oct. 11.

$190,625 Progress Residential 2015 2 Borrower LLC to Rasch Desiree Eve, Rasch Vincent Ray, Lot 97 Kingsfield Lakes, Oct. 6.

$190,000 Darrell L LunsforDRevocable Trust, Lunsford Barbara K, Lunsford Darrell L to Weselak Timothy Douglas, Willowbrook Unit 4006, Oct. 6.

$182,000 Davis Daniel L, Izquierdo Gabriela Dulanto to Buzbee Jeannine M, Buzbee Phillip R, Lot 85 Oak Terrace, Oct. 8.

$181,000 Przybyla Jayson Jerry, Przybyla Jerry A, Przybyla Jerry Andrew to Severs Barry L, Severs Sandy Y, Lot 47 Tropical Harbor, Oct. 5.

$180,000 Stirling Equity Group LLC to Dolin Barbara S, Dolin Barry Marshall, Lot 90 Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch, Oct. 6.

$173,500 Nye Heather N, Nye Jason A to Fabry Joshua, Lot 41 Bayou Estates South, Oct. 10.

$169,900 Chorus Florida Investment LLC to Clark James, Clark Susan, James Clark Living Trust, Grand Estuary III at River Strand Unit 423, Oct. 8.

$168,000 Pilos Chris, Pilos Dorothy to Dunlap Brian Ray, Dunlap Katherine Jane, Lot 3 Blk 2 Beachton Park, Oct. 5.

$162,500 Zimmerman Joan A to Prickett David B, Lot 1 Blk H Sandpointe, Oct. 5.

$162,000 Kuziel Kathleen E, Kuziel Ronald T to Hays Christopher, Hays Wendy, Grand Estuary I at River Strand Unit 216, Oct. 5.

$160,000 Ford Theresa J, Ford Wayne S to Hall Lonnie F, Hall Paula J, Lot 254 River Isles, Oct. 10.

$160,000 Gross Robert to Hammer Laura, Lot 60 Blk D Greyhawk Landing, Oct. 10.

$160,000 Savi Investments LLC to Foxtenn LLC, Crosscreek, Oct. 6.

$160,000 Verde Brothers LLC to Kinney Debra J, Kinney Gregg P, Blk 12 Pinehurst, Oct. 8.

$159,500 Weintraub Mark, Weintraub Sara to Dufour Patricia K, River Oaks Apartments Unit 503 B, Oct. 10.

$158,000 Claudia M Featherston Trust, Featherston Claudia M Trust, Featherston Jackie L to Straube Deborah D, Straube Richard E, Palm Breeze Villas Unit 113, Oct. 6.

$152,900 Chorus Florida Investment LLC to LCc Lllp, Grand Estuary III at River Strand Unit 415, Oct. 5.

$150,000 Gaines Kathaline Troxler, Gaines Kathleen Troxler, Smith Jeffrey R, Troxler Sandra O to Mbb Realty LLC, Pt 28-34-17, Oct. 8.

$147,000 Hauck Jason Guy, Sayban Deeann to Havill Eric, Greenbrook Walk Unit 103, Oct. 5.

$144,900 Chorus Florida Investment LLC to LCC LLLP, Grand Estuary III at River Strand Unit 416, Oct. 5.

$142,000 Bank of America, Lasalle Bank, Structured Asset Securities Corporation Mortgage Pass Through Certificate Series 2004 11Xs, US Bank, Willmington Trust Company to Dentwerks Inc, Palmetto Point, Oct. 5.

$141,950 Burdett Anna Lynn, Burdett Larry A to Dipietro Candace Lee, Gogarty Karen Special Needs Trust, Karen Gogarty Special Needs Trust, Hidden Hollow Unit B 3149, Oct. 5.

$140,000 Blanton Diana L to Garcia Nunez Norma, Nunez Rigoberto, Blk E Edgewood Park, Oct. 8.

$140,000 Preservation Trust Services II LLC to Williams John E, Lot 19 Blk 6 Garden Heights, Oct. 5.

$140,000 Rayan Jody, Rayan Mohammed F to Armendariz Israel Perez, Villalobos Erika, Townhomes at Lighthouse Cove III Unit 105, Oct. 6.

$139,900 Tallent Dina A, Tallent Michael S to Britto Amy C, House Stanley R, Pomello Park, Oct. 5.

$135,000 Allred Marian to Laplante Leo J Sep Ira, Leo J Laplante Sep Ira, Palm Aire at Sarasota No 8B Unit 102, Oct. 8.

$135,000 Chen Bai Zhong, Yang Jin Hui to Li Lin, Wei Jueyang, Townhomes at Lighthouse Cove II Unit 2603, Oct. 8.

$135,000 Cullison Christine, Cullison Harold to Jj and L Properties Wares Creek LLC, Lot 9 Oaklawn, Oct. 5.

$135,000 Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association to I W Land Partners LLC, Willowbrook Unit 203, Oct. 5.

$133,346 Stirling Equity Group LLC to Casamassina Frank, Casamassina Patricia, Lot 48 Country Club East at Lakewood Ranch, Oct. 6.

$129,001 RMAC Trust Series 2016 Ctt, US Bank NA to Provvedi Timothy, Blk B Crescent Heights, Oct. 11.

$128,000 GSAA Home Equity Trust 2006 3, US Bank NA to Brutus Janice M, Moorman Norma J, Pinehurst Unit 102, Oct. 10.

$125,000 Demola Donna C Loret, Demola Rafael C Loret to Smith Helen M, Smith Stuart W Sr, Ironwood Ninth Unit 106 1, Oct. 10.

$122,000 Gleitsman Bernadette L, Gleitsman Richard C to Nickerson Rochelle Renee, Nickerson Thomas Ronald, Palms of Cortez Unit 15, Oct. 11.

$120,383 Connett Eva Jane to Corona Gilberto, Blk B Oceola Heights, Oct. 10.

$118,000 Clapper James, Clapper Tracey to Isabella Immaculata, Mirror Lake Unit 4039, Oct. 5.

$115,000 Berube Julie M to Kurtyka Charity J, Sarabay Coves Unit C 408, Oct. 11.

$112,000 Bowman Elizabeth K, Courson Sydney Alexandra, Hall Kaisa B to Ziv Caroline, Lot 22 Blk D E D Scrogins, Oct. 11.

$111,220 Arcovitch Bonnie, Arcovitch Charles J to Kaple Sandra R, Kaple Stephen D, Lot 2055 Country Lakes Village Manufactured Housing Community, Oct. 5.

$111,000 Slavova Svetlana T to Happy Sands Home Solutions LLC, Lot 5 Blk C Gateway East, Oct. 10.

$109,000 Bishop Maxine H to Freeze Roslyn A, Ironwood Sixth Unit 508 G, Oct. 10.

$108,000 Stokes Marjorie Rose to Mayer Jeannine, Woodland Village Unit 42, Oct. 6.

$106,000 Slavova Svetlana to Happy Sands Home Solutions LLC, Lot 1 Blk C Gateway East, Oct. 10.

$105,000 Skowronski Paul F to Palm Cove Apartments Lllp, Palm Cove of Bradenton Unit 131, Oct. 5.

$100,000 Golden Bridge Investment LLC to Gonzalez Paul F, Blk 2 Lees Addition to Village of Manatee Florida, Oct. 8.

$100,000 Slavova Svetlana T to Happy Sands Home Solutions LLC, Lot 11 Blk B Southwood Village, Oct. 10.

$100,000 Trejo Sonia R to Hernandez Erasto Luis, Torres Hernandez Gabriela, Lot 2 Blk A Sharp and Turners Addition to Palmetto, Oct. 8.

$98,000 Rollins Patricia A, Rollins Robert E to Mccarthy John Jr, Mccarthy Patricia J, El Rancho Village Unit Rd 4, Oct. 5.

$90,000 Pierce Mary L, Pierce Walter H to Underwood Jan Charles, Underwood Jill M, Shadybrook Village Unit 77 C, Oct. 8.

$89,414 Neal Communities of Southwest Florida LLC to Klein Andrea L, Lot 77 Ridge at Crossing Creek, Oct. 6.

$85,000 Swiatek Jolene, Swiatek Sheri to Restrepo Monica, Pt 19-35-18, Oct. 8.

$80,000 Richey Floyd T Jr, Richey Gwen S to Couser Jean M, Walker Ted E, Lot 15 Blk A Highland Park, Oct. 11.

$78,900 Dailey Henry, Dailey Naoma to Smucker Marilyn Ann, Chateau Village Unit 224, Oct. 10.

$75,300 Roberts Allen C, Roberts Carolyn M, Roberts David A to Roberts Allen C, Roberts Carolyn M, Roberts David A, Lot 156 Rivers Reach, Oct. 11.

$72,500 Holbert Alan to Shockey Margaret F, Shockey Neal B, Lot 23 Blk I Heather Hills Estates, Oct. 6.

$72,000 Dehnart Cynthia H, Dehnart DaviDR to Cantolino Prop 1 LLC, Morningside Unit 204, Oct. 11.

$72,000 Williams Asset Conversion Inc to R&V Properties LLC, Blk 16 Houghtons Addition to New Memphis, Oct. 5.

$70,314 Fremont Home Loan Trust 2005 D Mortgage Backed Certificates Series 2005 D, HSBC Bank USA to Cristeros LLC, Lot 4 Shan Oaks, Oct. 5.

$70,000 Miu Peter, Miu Victoria, Sulja Emilia, Sulja Samuel to Puffenburger Kenneth L Jr, Puffenburger Wendy M, Pt 17-33-18, Oct. 10.

$60,000 Barbacane Joseph, Barbacane Karen J to Nehrboss Jessica, Nehrboss Kevin, Lot 60 Braden Castle Park, Oct. 6.

$58,400 Boulris Lynette Torres, Torres Lynette to Boulris Lynette Torres, Boulris Timothy Ronald, Lot 7 Triangle Park, Oct. 8.

$58,000 Parenteau Irene to Courts Kimberly, Courts Matthew, Landmark at Pointe West I Unit A 210, Oct. 10.

$57,900 Cleminson Carla Jean, Hall Kassandra Donna Lynn to Caswell Teresita C, Vinci Louise, Vinci Robert, Bayshore Windmill Village Unit G 10, Oct. 8.

$57,000 Anthony Gerald L to Schmidt Russell M Jr, Silk Oak Unit 9, Oct. 10.

$55,000 Boivin Annette J to Miraglia Christine, Miraglia Mark, Lot 214 Sugar Creek Resort Association Inc, Oct. 11.

$55,000 Reppart Carol J, Reppart Stuart C to Hunter Raymond D, Hunter Sandra K, Terra Ceia Manor Unit 436, Oct. 6.

$53,500 Nesci Raymond to Fenton Michael, Lake View Unit 216, Oct. 5.

$52,000 Country Lakes Co Op Inc to Bouchard Gayle L, Bouchard Richard A, Country Lakes Village II Manufactured Housing Community Unit 2189, Oct. 10.

$49,000 Maginness Christopher C to J Ludwig Homes LLC, Lot 222 Foxbrook, Oct. 8.

$48,077 Pogan David B, Tommasone Daniel R, Tommasone Jerry M to Tommasone Daniel R, Tommasone Jerry M, Lot 33 Tara, Oct. 10.

$45,000 James Macaulay Wallace Jr Inter Vivos Trust, Kolb Edward, Kolb Edward M III, Wallace James Macaulay Jr Inter Vivos Trust to Nuckols Michael, Blk 1 High School Addition, Oct. 8.

$40,000 Barnes Bonnie J to Valerio Alex, Pinecrest, Oct. 5.

$40,000 Peru Holdings LLC to Janta Linpiski Andrea, Summer Place Unit 16 C, Oct. 10.

$39,900 Goings Ellen J, Goings Larry R Sr to Bilotti Michael James Sr, Hatcherson Melissa Ellen, Bayshore Windmill Village Co Op Inc Unit E 17, Oct. 10.

$39,000 Kaiser Donald C, Kaiser Rita M to Partyka Cinde, Partyka Edward, Bayshore Windmill Village Co Op Inc Unit T 8, Oct. 10.

$39,000 Long Creek Acres LLC to Vazquez Luis A, Vazquez Mercedes, Pt 29-35-22, Oct. 6.

$38,625 Paradise Bay Estates Inc to Blank Beverly, Blank Larry, Paradise Bay Estates Unit 2 C, Oct. 5.

$38,000 Morrison Sammy J, Morrison Suzanne Tyler to Buck Michael G, Jet Mobile Home Park Unit 220, Oct. 11.

$37,500 Azcui Jose F to Vtjfc Investments LLC, Second Bayshore Unit A 35, Oct. 8.

$35,000 Carter Lacy S, Carter Shirley H, Carter William E, Christopher C Carter Supplemental Needs Trust, Lacy S Carter Supplemental Needs Trust to Maheu Frank Jr, Lot 13 Blk K Floridana Mobile Homesite, Oct. 10.

$31,500 El Rancho Village Inc, Village on the Greens to Colwell Frank W, El Rancho Village Unit Q 2, Oct. 10.

$31,000 Westwinds Village Inc to Mcfarlane Carol L, Mcfarlane John G, Westwinds Village Unit V 2, Oct. 11.

$30,000 Britech Construction Corp to Sturdevant Susan B, Lot 8 Blk A Hills Grove, Oct. 11.

$29,000 El Rancho Village Inc, Village on the Greens to Jansen Jelane, Jansen Russell, El Rancho Village Unit B 20, Oct. 10.

$24,000 Hughes Terrance to Wehr Alice M, Leisure Lake Village Unit 18, Oct. 8.

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