New housing developments will lead to “village” population explosion

The intersection of Lamington Rd and Kinsellas Rd West at Mango Hill.

MANGO Hill “village” is set for a population explosion over the next few years as green space makes way for more housing development.

Residents, most from the old village, were informed at a meeting of the Mango Hill Progress Association last week about the large number of new houses being planned for the area.

Concerns were raised about the ability of the council and the State Government to ensure infrastructure kept pace with development.

“Our community is rapidly changing in both size and population,” association president Laurence Christie said on Wednesday at the group’s annual general meeting. “There are 1000 home sites planned within the village community in the next five years.”

Mr Christie said there were 660 units planned for the area, including the Phillip Usher Group’s 320 at Kinsellas Rd West/Lamington Drive.

He said four blocks at Hamilton Rd had the potential for 50 units and there were 167 dwellings being built at Chelmsford St.

A triangular block bordered by Chelmsford, John and Chermside roads would be developed in the future, he said.

“Road, transport, utility and recreational infrastructure must keep pace,” Mr Christie said. “That is the challenge of government.

“Our role as a progress association is to continue to maintain our appropriate pressure to ensure it does.

“There remains much for our association to do, but with the ongoing support of the community and volunteers, we will continue to be an effective and respected entity.”

Mr Christie said Chelmsford Rd needed to be joined to Kinsellas Rd West to take traffic from Muriel St, and the provision of bus services and sporting fields needed to be looked at.

“This is why the second access to Anzac Ave is too important,” he said.

Mango Hill has come a long way since the first residential area was developed on what was once farming land in the 1960s. There were about 50 houses in the area by 1980, when it was first defined as a suburb.

Its population at the 2016 census was 8434.

In the mid-1990s, subdivision began at the north end of Kinsellas Rd and the project was named Mango Hill Estate after a part of Anzac Ave, which was planted with mango trees. North Lakes was formally named and detached in 2006.

Mr Christie also told the meeting that use of the community hall was increasing and more space was needed for activities and storage.

“The association will continue to ask the Moreton Bay Regional Council to consider an additional building on the southern side so we can provide more groups with basic, affordable facilities for community use,” he said.

Mr Christie added that the regular family skate nights held on the tennis courts continued to attract more people, who loved the combination of skating, music and games.

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