Are you new to Oklahoma City? A brief guide to help you decide a suitable apartment for rent

Assuming that you are a student who has just moved to Oklahoma City and is still not very familiar with a distinct lifestyle that is unique to each place, For example: The people around just love bakery goods more than a KFC Chicken wing or a different brand of beer that is not very popular in New York

If only in Oklahoma kind is what you are looking for you will not be disappointed because most of the house and apartments in particular areas are ancient and have a traditional wallpaper design patterns that will make you feel like Beethoven’s living place. And if you are looking for something new and luxurious

To find what you are looking for, you should Google for two beds under $650 assuming that you will have a roomy. These days you really don’t need to pay a hefty fee or better say a cut to a real estate broker. It is very easy to find almost everything on internet. People who want to rent out are continually posting on forums, Craigslist, Facebook and other social media. In fact very surprisingly if you look only at the ‘Apartments Oklahoma City’, before you find any great information you will be greeted with tons of advertisements but don’t just get carried away by your first phone call to the top advertiser. He or she the one who has paid most for the top spot in advertising

After you have selected your apartment, we suggest you shortlist three to five in different localities before making a final decision. You are totally new to this place, and you don’t know about so called ‘a Safe Place’. Though you may ask some locals at the bar or the mess still it is a better idea to look for some new archives. In every city, there are places with bad names, places known for mugging & riots. Oklahoma City is a very cool place and far away from crimes like it is in Detroit. Ask yourself, can you walk your girlfriend home after midnight if she lived in a place like this?


After you have made your decision it’s time for a negotiation. The real estate market in Oklahoma City is not very bright; there are more apartments than there are possible occupants. The advertiser is usually keen to post a certain price however this doesn’t mean that you are going to pay the same value. Always ask for that last 10%. But even before you do that, it is a good idea to ask for the keys and have a look. A smart renter always gets a few faults before starting the negotiation. For a budget apartment, you might not want luxurious sofas and a queen size bed but a running sink in the kitchen is more important. A rent including WIFI and other utilities is considered as a bonus for many home purchasers.